Tuesday, June 9, 2009


we are into our summer a little bit. We have had "melt-downs", tantrums and all kinds of various things going on. We did manage to make it to the temple and are planning on going 2 times this month! (Okay, we usually go 2 times but, it sounds cooler when I say it like that). My ankle is healing nicely albeit very slowly! I have managed to make it through my first credit at school and am now enrolled in 11 credits: 2 science and one humanities. (we'll see how that goes!) I am teaching at a cluster meeting Wed and Enrichment on Thurs. and a foster care class (with John) on Thursday night after enrichment. So, we are keeping busy! We had a successful art week last week and this week we are on to baking week! Sounds fun...I know!
Well, we started a few more therapy sessions for summer. We are now enrolled in Bonding through Movement! It is pretty fun and a different kind of therapy. We will see how the summer turns out!
The kids are really having fun and I get gently (or not so much) reminded when we don't have journal time every day! Who knew the kids would love journal writing so much?! We are having fun and I hope we can fit everything in that I want to do without anyone collapsing from exhaustion. ( I am mainly talking about John and I) the kids seem to be energizer bunnies!
I am so glad for this "season "of my life. (i don't just mean summer). My life seems to be hitting a great stride. Things are falling into place so perfectly, after so many years of preparation on Heavenly Father's part with still more to go. There are many days when I feel like..how could it be any better than this?
I guess I just mean that life is good. It is certainly filled with many struggles (you would all laugh if you knew what we experience everyday) but, it is good. There is so much joy to be found in everyday and I struggle to find it amidst the screaming sometimes but it is there. Life is meant to be savored and joy to be found in it...not endured! When I focus on the joyfulness everything feels better and the days seems a little brighter.


Nina said...

Great attitude...it's really works. Sounds like you are in a really good place right now...right where you want to be!! Enjoy.

Janan said...

Thanks so much for that post! i needed that!! I especially like your last two sentences! I'm gonna have to write them down and read them now and again!! Thank you!!!

You guys are such a great example of savoring life and loving it!!!

The Mendenhall's said...

I love the family picture on your profile. The kids are getting so big especially Kodey and Josh. I remember then as little tykes. I forget that you are just in Orem we really do need to stop by sometime and see you. We rarely even go to SLC but Pete was there from Nebraska for a wedding and we couldn't resist. I love your phylosophy on things and your perspective of what a day really is. Thanks for sharing for us lonely empty nesters.