Monday, June 22, 2009

Our weekend..

was a great success. We had presents for John for 4 days last week. They were just small and simple but they were so important for the kids. Unfortunately for John. they all revolved around food items. Well, that's what he gets, I guess.
we try and pamper him but he likes to share in all that goes on rather than to take a nap or a seat on the couch. That is great except on the days we want to pamper him. Then, it makes it hard. Oh well! We had a fun day anyway and I didn't have to make the whole meal by myself ( a bonus).
I tried some homemade freezer rolls and they actually turned out fairly well, now I am wondering what else I can freeze ahead. Can I freeze cinnamon rolls before the second rising, or corn dogs, or??? The list goes on and on. I am trying to think about all that I see in the store that is frozen and wonder if they put something "special" in it to freeze. that is my next project.
I am gonna try cinnamon rolls this week and more cresent rolls. That's a good start.
Well, the impossible happened this week! Josh set a date for his Eagle Scout project July 18th. He is working with to collect money and items for soldier's who are deployed in combat areas. The money will help send the packages..and the donation list is endless but hot items are the individual drink mixes and diaper wipes. But, really anything from home that is prepackaged and not chocolate (too hot and it will melt).
I am impressed with all that he has done so far and I am determined to not complete any of this for him. I do help him with ideas and we will both brainstorm with him but we want him to complete this on his own. I did go pick up some items today for him since i was already out and about.
Well, this week we are onto Animals and have the zoo and Bean museum planned. But, first I have to get the vans emissions and safety done. The kids have been doing all right but I have started to limit computer time to a couple of times a week rather tahn everyday and they aren't always happy with that idea. It has helped today with no rain.
ON to the week....


BC Bassi said...

That's a great idea for an Eagle Project. I'm sure those men and women will be very thankful. I heard they love to get gum and phone cards in care packages.


Alicia said...

I know what you mean about pamapering dear old Dad. I realized how much I relied on Dan this last weekend! Let us know what we can do to help out for the Eagle.

Anonymous said...

Let me know how we can send something for Josh's Eagle Project from VA. Would love to help out.
Carol :-)